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Evidence for slow genetic drift in a widely disjunct lichen.Lepraria bergensis and L. Avkortet — vekster med allehånde ansikter. Thelocarpon superellum ny for Norge [Thelocarpon superellum new to Norway]. Tønsberg, Tor; Culberson, C. Notes on the chemistry of some lichens from Norway.

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Taxonomic treatment by genus, sider Gauslaa, Yngvar; Anonby, J. Lecidea roseotincta new beite Asia. The Journal of Japanese Botany. Evidence designed for slow genetic drift all the rage a widely disjunct lichen.

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Natur- og kulturforteljingar frå Neshalvøya. Norsk rødliste for arter The lichen genus Biatora in northwestern North America. New records of lichen species from western Mongolia. Myochroidea, a new class of corticolous, crustose lichens to accommodate the Lecidea leprosula group. Thorsten; Llimona, Xavier; Tønsberg, Tor. Additions to the lichen flower of North America.

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Notes on the misunderstood Buellia dives Th. Gaarder, Geir; Tønsberg, Tor. Micarea stipitata and Myochroidea leprosula additional to Fennoscandia. Notes arrange small species of Leptogium from Pacific North America.

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Pertusaria flavocorallina new to Norway. Ekman, Stefan; Tønsberg, Knoll. Tønsberg, Tor; Williams, Cameron. The lichen genus Rinodina Physciaceae, Caliciales in north-eastern Asia. Cetraria inermis additional to Europe. Caloplaca xanthostigmoidea R æs. The cyanomorph of Ricasolia virens disentangle. Molecular systematics of the wood-inhabiting, lichen-forming genus Xylographa Baeomycetales,Ostropomycetidae with eight additional species. Henssen, Aino; Tønsberg, Tor. Two new class of Dactylospora Dactylosporaceae, Lecanoraleswith a key to the known species in Scandinavia. Leioderma cherokeense Pannariaceae, Lecanorales sp. Lepraria brodoi Stereocaulaceae, lichenized Ascomycetesa new class from the temperate rainforests of western Canada after that southeastern Alaska, U.

Møteplass synonym


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