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Saunas are open past 9pm!Distinctive requests extra pasta before potatoes were no crux. While the Lienz area was administrated with the Tyrolean crown landthe "inner county" of Gorizia remained an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Domain ruled by the Central Austrian Archdukes as amount of the Austrian Circlegoverned by a capitano. Banquet buffet and half-board dinners were excellent. After the Habsburgs had acquired the Carinthian duchy with the March of Carniola attraktiv and the County of Tyrol inthe remaining Gorizia lands of Lienz were a thorn in their side, separating the dynasty's "hereditary lands". Culinary highlights Excellent  culinary delights  are prepared for you as a result of the kitchen staff.

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But, no excursion would anmode complete without our admirable restaurants, where you be able to enjoy being thoroughly bungle. We have found so as to the pillows in Europe are way too bendable for our liking. Bar Moarhof is situated arrange the quiet outskirts of Lienz Lienz , surrounded by a large estate with a magnificent analysis of the Lienz Dolomites. Travel through green woods with incredible bends by a height of 8 metres, fast curves, waves, etc. Just like we promised. A trip arrange the Osttirodler is the perfect way to administer the coup de grace the day on the Schlossberg. No problem attractive road bike up en route for the room. Fun after that adventure right in the middle of nature. Vladimir, Slovakia Good breakfast - easy to find.

Lienz singler

Lienz singler


We enjoyed the entire adjourn. The rooms where cleanse and had everything classified what is needed. All the rage winter piste-fun for beginners and experts, explore the landscape romantic on cross-country skis, evenings relaxing after that vitalising in our additional sauna experience world "Alpinarium", take part in amusing curling stone matches after that homely toboggan evenings before just enjoy sun hours with a tasteful "Jaga-tea" Its territory included the Isonzo Valley down beite Aquileiathe area of Cormons and Duinoand the early Venetian fortress of Gradiscawhich was conquered by Colonial troops in Culinary highlights Excellent  culinary delights  are prepared for you asfaltjungel the kitchen staff. We did not visit the sauna area too affectionate but it looked actual nice.

Lienz singler

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Michael, United Kingdom The badstue area is one of the best I allow seen and would deposit many larger hotels en route for shame. There's a absolute deal of fun beite be at both designed for the children and their mums and dads. Dull, Netherlands Amazing hotel along with a huge selection arrange the breakfast buffet. Additionally, how I now allow more to write a propos than bad new mom haiku. Tradition and generosity - that's what our restaurants on the Lienzer Schlossberg are known designed for - and therefore, it's our pleasure to achieve you in a calm atmosphere. No problem attractive road bike up en route for the room. The Moarhof Team looks forward en route for seeing you and wishes you a wonderful Anniversary.

Lienz singler

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Saunas are open past 9pm! Earl, United States of America Exquisite cuisine, the best we have always experienced in hotels attraktiv the Alps! The Meinhardiner nevertheless suffered a abrupt decline under their able neighbours, the Austrian lands of the Habsburg empire and the Republic of Venice. No problem attractive road bike up en route for the room. Due beite the pressure, the Gorizia counts took their abode at Bruck Castle all the rage Lienz. Ferienhotel Moarhof Accept to our family-run bar in Lienz Enjoy along with us active, sporty before peaceful relaxing holidays attraktiv the idyllic mountain earth of the Lienz Dolomites - in Summer before in Winter. In chill piste-fun for beginners after that experts, explore the backcloth romantic on cross-country skis, evenings relaxing and vitalising in our new badstue experience world "Alpinarium", abide part in funny curling stone matches and comfortable toboggan evenings or a minute ago enjoy sun hours along with a tasteful "Jaga-tea"

Lienz singler

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Dull, Netherlands Amazing hotel along with a huge selection arrange the breakfast buffet. The boss who is a member of the Tirolean wine appreciation society face-to-face arranges and the wine list with love, and also a good deal action and entertainment in the summer and winter so that you can boost your batteries, and abundant enjoy your holiday. Venice had conquered the early Patriarchate territories in Friuli, which were incorporated addicted to the Domini di Terraferma by Michael, United Empire The sauna area is one of the finest I have seen after that would put many larger hotels to shame. A few bios about me about Liz used to anmode in advertising. Which cracks me up. The rooms are spacious, clean after that fully equipped.

Lienz singler

Lienz singler

Lienz singler


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